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The life of my husband and me is embossed by three great passions.


Traveling - getting to know people and experiencing their cultures – as well as a great love for architecture and furnishings.


For many years we have collected impressions, cultivated memories and let everything flow into the realization of "Viva La Diva"


Our goal was to create a refuge in which pleasure, comfort and ease offer the perfect summer feeling.


Join us on a tour through our property.


Let's begin with the terrific position directly next to the glass-clear Ionian Sea.


The large private beach invites you to spend a whole day at the water, or with the yacht anchoring, exploring further surroundings.


One step higher, we enjoy a cool drink in our own beach bar, admiring the artisanal art of Emilio, who has carved an artful fountain made of natural stone. The shelf in the bar was cut from a tree trunk that had been flushed to our beach during a storm.


Climb a few steps higher up to the large deck with the gazebo at the waterfall.


The rippling of the waterfall is reminiscent of a waterfall in Costa Rica or our hikes through the Swiss mountains. Not to forget to mention the pleasant breeze always blowing from the sea.


Here you can let the imagination run free, multiflexible lounge furniture allow you to change the scenery every day whether relaxing hours in the daybed, candellightdiner under the starry sky or club atmosphere with low jazzmusik in the background everything is possible and realizable depending on the mood.


A small canal connects this level to the 2 bedrooms, one with ensuite bathroom, as well as another extra bathroom. a second living room and an office with a sleeping sofa and a small kitchenette.


The rooms are directly accessible via the canal with a stepping-stone, but also inside the house through the glass staircase.


Past the southern outside perch under the large myrrh - our favorite place for breakfast in the summer - we come to the main level with the entrance areas to the two villas and the large infinity pool.


In Villa Barbara we have on this level two additional double bedrooms, both with en-suite bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe, a guest toilet and extra Laundry.


The large living room with an exclusive F-Design Cheminee, when you fire this chemine in the evening, creates a flame-orgy, which is reflected in the blue of the Ionian Sea. Further it goes over into a completely furnished modern kitchen and an airy, light dining room, our view room. In this area, it was important for us to create a sense of freedom and to emphasize the immediate proximity to the sea. Large sliding windows that can be fully opened and will disappear in the wall. Which extends the room onto the terrace and gives an incomparable feeling of in and out. The glass enclosure of the terrace is only for security, but leaves the view clear, nothing keeps the eye, you have the feeling to be on the deck of a ship or a gull just across the sea. The large terrace runs around and also connects the two bedrooms. Furthermore, one bedroom has a direct exit to the pool, ideal for a midnight buzz.  Villa Barbara we consistently furnished modern but still comfortable. It was important to us to create a feel-good atmosphere in both Villas.


Villa Christina is slightly elevated and we already enjoy from the living area a great view of the pool and the garden. But from the first floor the view is simply spectacular. The panoramic view extends over the garden, the pool and the barbecue area to far over the sea. Now we are on a large covered terrace and here an original Brunswick billiard invites to play. Whether you want to play or look, we leave it to you, in any case you will enjoy the atmosphere. Villa Christina has 3 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms a large living area with a fully equipped modern kitchen. Villa Christina has a charming mix of modern and antique.


In the whole garden area there are various terraces, hidden and open favorite places to be discovered. All the terraces and paths have been lovingly decorated with local stone. The colors of the natural stones have been taken over by the color selection of the villas and the furnishings in order to maintain a harmonious overall appearance. So the senses calm down and the recovery begins.


Viva La Diva is wonderful during the day, and magical in the evening, thanks to a very tasteful lighting made by Valentino.


The lighting emphasizes the architecture of the buildings, a symbiosis of old and modern, natural stone and glass.


Createted and perfectly integrated in the landscape in corporations with Periklis an amazing local architect and his great ideas.


The Mediterranean-style garden with the lighting is a mythical life full of light and shadow.


In this residential Smart Home project  great emphasis was given to the design and implementation of the Intelligent Lighting Control system.


This was essential in order to get the desired result.


Full Smart Home with Control 4, Lighting Control, Shading Control, Gate & Door Control, Distributed Video, Automation remotes, Distributed High Resolution Audio, Irrigation Control, Smart Wake up Alarms, Heating Control. Air Condition Control, CCTV Integration and Control, Intercom & Access Control, Security System Control and a few more.


All the other systems are also fully integrated under the Control4 fully custom system including audio, 4k video, heating, cooling, security, ip intercoms, cctv and many more


We would like to conclude our tour with a cozy barbecue. Idyllic among the cypresses, you can either enjoy Souvlaki on the charcoal grill, which is based on our ideas from an old drawing fountain or a fine pizza in our own pizza oven.


We would like to mention that the whole plot of 4100 m2 is detached on the street side with a large 1.90 m high wall which guarantees absolute privacy. Within the area there is a lockable double garage and additional parking for 10 vehicles.


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